Sitting At Jesus' Feet

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7).

According to the above verse, true sanity is a gift from God. The simplicity of this verse wonderful. Sanity is not obtained on the psychiatrist's couch. Sanity is not purchased in a self-help book. Sanity is not found on a trip to an exotic island. Sanity comes from God. Without God, the mind will steadily lose soundness. How? Wherever there is a slavish, worrisome, and terrorizing fear, you will find the seeds of insanity.

All the people who went crazy in the Bible were driven mad by fear. For example, Israel's first king, Saul, sowed the seeds of insanity one fear at a time. First he feared Goliath, then he feared Samuel, then he feared David, then he feared the Philistines. His phobias grew until he even resorted to a witch for help (1 Samuel 28), and then he feared her! In the end, he died by suicide with the enemy closing in (1 Samuel 31).

As recorded in Mark chapter 5, the chainObursting, tomb-dwelling, demon-possessed maniac was the craziest man for miles around. He struck fear in others, and was himself driven insane with fear. But when Jesus got through with him, he became perfectly sane. Luke 8 rates the same story, adding that this well-known lunatic was sitting at Jesus' feet, clothed, and in his right mind" (v.35).

Remember, the more you sit at Jesus' feet in church, in prayer, in Bible study, in fellowship, in identification, in obedience, the more YOU will be in your right mind.