Living in a Bubble

Jesus said in John 16:33, "In the world ye shall have tribulation…" And in our present fallen state, living in constant and total calm would not prove much better. The exertions required in trusting our victorious Savior in the storms of life keep us spiritually fit. That's why the world's contrary winds are good for us.

For two years, scientists sequestered themselves in an artificial environment called Biosphere 2. Inside their self-sustaining community, the Biospherians created a number of mini-environments, including a desert, rain forest, even an ocean. Nearly every weather condition could be simulated but one, namely, wind.

Over time, the effects of their windless environment became apparent. A number of acacia trees bent over and snapped. Without the stress of wind to strengthen the wood, the trunks grew weak and could not hold up their own weight.

God uses the winds of hardship and adversity, not to weaken our lives, but to strengthen them. A strong spiritual life cannot be cultivated in a bubble. Without temporary gusts of trouble, we would surely snap under the weight of our own ideal conditions!

Spiritual progress is not measured by storms, but it certainly is tempered by them. That's why God doesn't want any of us to live in a windless Biblesphere.