The Donkey in the Well

A story is told of a farmer's donkey who fell down into a well. The donkey brayed for hours, but the farmer saw no way to save the creature. Finally the farmer decided it wasn't worth the trouble—the donkey was old and the well needed to be covered up anyway. So, he invited his neighbors to come over and give him a hand. With shovels, they all began to toss dirt into the well.

At first, the donkey hollered long and loud, but then suddenly became quiet. The farmer looked down the shaft and was astonished. When a shovel of dirt hit the donkey's back, he just shrugged it off and stomped it down. His footing became firmer and higher. This continued till at last, to everyone's applause, the donkey stepped out and trotted off!

This reveals a great secret. When you feel down in the pits and difficulties seek to bury your life, just imitate the quick-thinking mule. Shake off the dirt with earnest prayer and stomp it down with praise to God. Prayer and praise work together to raise your life out of deep, dark wells. The next time you fall in—and you will—remember to shake and stomp your way to the top again.