Two Views of the Body

How do you view your body? Many see Has just an organism to feed. Many others as an instrument of pleasure. Others as a tool for success and accomplishment. But the Christian needs a higher and holier standard.

First, view your body as a spiritual offering. Romans 12:1 urges you to be "a living sacrifice" to God. Of course, the Old Testament sacrifices were the best of the flock. Should you do any less? Give God your best years, your best gifts, your best energy, and your best desires.

Secondly, see your body as a spiritual kingdom. A kingdom needs a king, and your life needs to be completely submissive to the Lord. View sin as an uprising in the kingdom. That means you must know the difference between rebellion and revolution. Rebellion is resisting right in order to do wrong. Revolution is resisting wrong in order to do right.

Give your King His rightful place in your heart. In this kingdom, the highest purpose is the glorification of God and the lowest is the glorification of self.
When these two dominate your life, your body will answer the purpose for which God made it.