Putting Christ in the Best Light

"He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you (John 16:14).

When Raphael's painting, The Sistine Madonna, was moved to Dresden, Germany in 1754, it was considered the crowning piece of the large art collection by King Augustus II. With painting from all over Europe, no purchase was considered more valuable than this masterpiece by Raphael.

When first brought in, the painting was displayed in the castle before the king. It was discovered that the best spot for light was already occupied by the throne. Observing the situation, the king immediately stepped down from his royal chair, saying, "Make room for the immortal Raphael!" The artist Raphael was nowhere in the picture, but the king could only discover the real Raphael by studying his art. That study required the best light.

The life of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible, is history's greatest masterpiece. It is a picture painted with words on the canvas of Scripture. And what is the Holy Spirit's role in this age? God the Spirit presents God the Son for God the Father. And this is a public showing for all to see.

The Savior's greatness is clearly seen in the best light, the illumination of the Spirit. And when He shines on the Son, you can hear Him say, "Make room for the immortal Jesus!"

Dear Father, open my eyes to the wonders of Jesus through the illumination of the Spirit! And let me bring others to see the same. In Jesus' glorious name, Amen.