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Monday-Tuesday, October 8-9, 2018
God Left Him
This biographical look at King Hezekiah will focus on the biggest blunder of his life. Though he had many strengths and accomplishments, pride blinded him to his weakness. 2 Chronicles 32, verse 31 will be explored to better understand the tragic consequences of complacency. The phrase, "God left him," will be explained. And what happened to this great king, could happen to you! Always ask for God's help.

Wednesday-Friday, October 10-12, 2018
Is confirmation a sacrament, as held by Catholic and Anglican churches? Or, as in Protestant churches, is it a formal ceremony following baptism? Only the Bible gives the right answer. Actually, confirmation is very dynamic and fluid. We are always under a test, one way or another. But the best part, is that yielding to Jesus' confirmation plan is the sure way to success. In the last part, you will learn about three evidences of possessing a genuine confirmation. Most interesting of all, a vision of those in heaven refreshes us to finish our race.