Learning on the Fast Track

"For whatsoever things were written afore time were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope" (Romans 15:4).

Every mistake you will ever make has already been made. And every lesson from every mistake can either be learned at someone's else's expense or from your own. If you learn from the mistakes of others, you will learn at the fastest rate, because the Bible neatly organizes them at your fingertips and only recorded the mistakes that you have the potential to make.

If you want to, you can foolishly crawl along at a snail's pace learning from your own mistakes, and remember, there is no guarantee that you will even learn from your own mistakes when they happen! But if you take the time to study the Bible, God gives a guarantee that you will learn from every recorded mistake. That's His promise to you in Romans 15:4.

The Bible is truly the fast track of learning and though experience is reliable, never contradicting truth, it is nonetheless the slow track. You can either learn from the experiences of others, all recorded for you in the Bible, or you can learn at the ridiculously slow rate of waiting for yourself to have those same experiences.

Which track will you choose? Only a fool would choose to learn by plodding along by personal trial and error; but a truly wise person jets along by reading about the mistakes of others already made.